Branson Centennial Branson Missouri

100 Ways to Celebrate!

Branson’s 100th Birthday is April 1, 2012. This once-in-a-lifetime celebration begins with the opening of Branson’s first history museum on April 1, 2012. Reunion Packages for 20 people each will be given away to one hundred lucky winners. On April 15, a huge live centennial show will be as unique and spectacular as Branson itself! And a Birthday Block Party and Festival is set for July 7 … and the city wide celebration continues all season long with projects, events and efforts created by you!

JOIN THE CELEBRATION! Every interested individual, group, business, and organization, large or small, profit or non-profit, old or new is invited to develop a centennial celebration project. Take this chance to showcase your talents and your mission to community members and visitors alike!

For centennial committee recognition and promotion, projects must meet the following criteria:

Although funding is not available, the Centennial Committee will support your qualifying activity with advice and exposure via numerous Centennial communication channels including , on Facebook at and via ongoing publicity and public relations efforts.

USE THE LOGO & HELP SPREAD THE WORD. If you would like to utilize the official Branson Centennial logo, artwork can be requested from LaDella Thomas at the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. Use of the logo to promote visitation to Branson and Centennial-oriented activities, events or special offers is encouraged. Use of the logo on merchandise for retail sale is prohibited without specific authorization from the Centennial Committee. Officially licensed merchandise is available from approved vendors who will be sharing revenues to help support Centennial efforts & projects.

LET’S GET STARTED TODAY! Need some ideas? Here are 100 nifty ways to celebrate Branson’s monumental birthday. Use one of these, a customized version that works for you, or come up with some ideas of your own. Whatever you do…make plans to JOIN THE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION! Because 100 Years of Heritage, Harmony and Hospitality in Branson, Missouri is worth celebrating!

1. Host a reunion of your former employees, members or guests.
2. Ask folks to share their memories of their first ever visit to Branson. Collect them in a scrapbook or post them on line.
3. Let them eat cake…birthday cake that is. Serve it up on April 1 and throughout 2012.
4. Feature new centennial menu items with tomatoes, black walnuts, funnel cake or fudge for a historical culinary connection.
5. Replace “Blue Jean Fridays” with turn-of-the-century dress day or feature a different decade each week, from the 1910’s through the 2010’s.
6. Use a 1912 theme for your April meeting or annual event, activity or party.
7. Contact the Committee to book the Centennial Band for your next party or event.
8. Collect Branson artifacts, photos and collectibles related to your business or organization. Scan and share, display at your location or loan/donate those items to the new Branson History Museum.
9. Find 100 ways to say thank you to your best 100 customers. Document every one and share in your newsletter or on a Centennial Appreciation Board.
10. Plant a Centennial garden. (Reuben Branson was an excellent gardener!)
11. Host a Centennial poster contest for kids.
12. Create a Centennial vacation package that includes the best of Branson old and new.
13. Stage a Centennial Scavenger Hunt when teams collect items/photos from each of Branson’s first 10 decades.
14. Post a birthday countdown clock or daily tally to build excitement and anticipation for April 1, 2012.
15. Free Pencils! (The American Pencil Co. established a logging factory in Branson in 1912.) Have yours imprinted with your company name and the Centennial web site:
16. Display a “What We Love about Branson” board and invite jotted contributions from visitors and residents.
17. Read the book, The Shepherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright.
18 Learn to play the fiddle.
19. Post a weekly trivia question on your website or blog about Branson’s rich history.
20. Feature 100 year old products in your store or shop. Dixie Cups and Goo Goo Clusters were both introduced in 1912.
21. Invite some Girl Scouts to celebrate their 100th birthday with us in Branson!
22. Gather 100 of your friends, family and co-workers to volunteer at various organizations throughout the year.
23. Stage a historical Branson reenactment.
24. Host a Quilt Bazaar or Quilting Bee.
25. Host a Centennial Pride Ride…on bicycles or motor cycles.
26. Rededicate your building or another historical site nearby.
27. Special Centennial pricing could be $19.12, $20.12, $100 or $1.00.
28. Feature Branson-made art and craft items in your store or business.
29. Give a Centennial gift to your best customers, employees or volunteers.
30. Stage a “random act of hospitality” complete with photo opportunity, balloons and confetti for the lucky winner of an upgrade, a free dessert, backstage access or front row seats!
31. Host a centennial storytelling time and invite local historians to share their knowledge and perspective on Branson through the years.
32. 100 free boxes of popcorn to the first 100 people in the door of your theater.
33. Hold a Centennial photo contest.
34. Host a Centennial Classic Car Show featuring vehicles from every century of Branson.
35. Initiate a Centennial Beard Growing Contest (these used to be a popular feature of Plumb Nellie Days!)
36. Host an amateur video contest to capture a day in the life of Branson with the winning video on
37. Founder’s Day Celebration: Recognize the founder of your Branson business, club or organization. Create and dedicate a permanent tribute display.
38. Consult with other service organizations, schools, hospitals, & churches to honor the top 100 volunteers in Branson.
39. Include the official Branson Centennial logo in your event program, customer solicitations, brochures, website and all your business’s promotional materials.
40. Make a donation to the 100 Reunion Giveaway prize packages then host a happy group of 20 at your business.
41. Every 100th customer wins a FREE ___________ (you fill in the blank).
42. Every 100th fountain drink is FREE. Put a sticker on every 100th cup in advance to make counting easy!
43. Give a $100 bill to a random stranger who lives or works in Branson. Say “thanks for being here” snap a photo and post it on line.
44. Plant 100 flowers around your place of business or organization’s facility.
45. Play a Centennial promotional video in your hotel, lobby or theater all year long!
46. Challenge your office staff to lose 100 pounds (collectively) by the end of 2012.
47. Celebrate any 100 year-old customers with a gift and some special VIP attention.
48. Award a $100 gift certificate or gift card to a random guest and post on line.
49. Host a “web cam” at your place of business where people can share what they love most about Branson.
49. Host a speaker from the Centennial committee to share news about the celebration at your next club, staff or community gathering.
50. Ask visitors to share their favorite Branson memory and post 100 special moments on your website or bulletin board.
51. Host a Centennial Sock Hop then jump and jive to some music from the past.
52. Revive the classic Church Social with a bring-a-dish event that gathers folks together for fun and fellowship.
53. Give $100 to a Branson area non-profit.
54. Complimentary admission, meals or rooms for anyone age 100 or more!
55. Reward your employee of the month with a crisp $100 bill in 2012.
56. Collect 100 cans of food for CAM or 100 coats or blankets for families in need.
57. Free birthday party hats and Branson Centennial balloons for kids!
58. Then and Now: Find an old photo of Branson and retake the shot from the same location today. Share both on
59. Interview the oldest Branson resident you know and learn history first hand.
60. Create your own list of 100 Branson Favorites and share it with your clients, guests, neighbors and friends.
61. Send 100 thank you notes in 2012 (about 2 per week) to the people and organizations in Branson for which you are most thankful.
62. Gift a free return admission for every 100th person through your doors.
63. Commission a local artist to create a unique and lasting tribute to Branson for your entry or offices.
64. Collect and present the best 100 songs from the last 100 years.
65. Create a centennial Christmas tree with 1912-era ornaments and garland.
66. Host a Centennial Tea with authentic snacks and stories from the past.
67. Create a centennial calendar and plan one activity a month that celebrates 100.
68. Join the Facebook group: You know you’re from Branson when…
69. Do 100 good deeds for Branson neighbors and friends. Keep a log.
70. Many of our residents were not born here. Talk to your customers and neighbors and compile their 100 great reasons to move to Branson.
71. Think Big! Start the business you’ve been dreaming of and plan how your company will be recognized on Branson’s bicentennial in 2112!
72. Plant a garden of heirloom tomatoes.
73. Gather 100 people for a centennial trash pick-up day.
74. Patronize 100 local businesses throughout the year to show appreciation for their hard work and contribution to Branson’s success.
75. Walk 100 miles in Branson on our trails, through Downtown, our parks, your neighborhood or along 76 Country Blvd.
76. Try to catch 100 fish in Lake Taneycomo or Table Rock Lake.
77. Spend $100 at local businesses each month
78. Invite 100 friends or family to come visit you in Branson.
79. Golf 100 holes at our area courses per month…that’s about 5 ½ rounds.
80. Drive 100 laps on a go-cart.
81. Take and log 100 photos of your favorite places in Branson—it could be a great source of information for the Bicentennial Planning Committee in 2112!
82. Spend 100 hours enjoying fresh air and natural beauty at one of Branson’s area parks or wilderness areas.
83. Invite 100 of your closest neighbors to a picnic at a local park.
84. Submit your family’s favorite birthday cake recipe and a story about its special place in your family history for Branson’s 100 Best Birthday Cakes of All Time Collection and Cook Book.
85. Invite the 100th guest into your theater backstage to meet the cast and crew!
86. Offer a VIP dinner with your theater’s star for a $100 donation to their favorite charity.
87. Branson’s famous hospitality starts at the “front line” of every business. In 2012, why not honor your hard-working customer service employees on their 100th day of seasonal work with a gift or other company-wide recognition.
88. Organize a daily walking tour of downtown with points of interest and stories of life the "way it was" 100 years ago.
89. Compile a list and recognize 100 of Branson's most influential visionaries over the past 100 years and what they did, or are doing, to make Branson great.
90. Host a Rueben Branson look-alike contest (maybe for Plumb Nellie Days on the third weekend in May 2012) and award a prize to the winner.
91. Post “Happy 100th Birthday Branson!” on your marquee from April 1 – Dec. 31.
92. Host reunions or homecomings for your neighborhood, club, school, or employees. Post them on to let everyone know!
93. Visit at least one new Branson show in 2012!
94. Celebrate our White River heritage by doing at least one lake activity, like a trip to the new Table Rock Lake Visitors’ Center opening in April!
95. Honor your 100th visitor every day or week with a toss of confetti, a bunch of balloons and a souvenir photo. (Post the event on your website or Facebook and encourage them to do the same!)
96. Produce a Branson history play/production – staring “the walking preacher of the Ozarks, Rueben Branson, Harold Bell Wright, etc…
97. Host a Centennial Silent Auction with donations from local businesses & artists. Use the proceeds to help 100 needy families at Christmas.
98. Host a contest for children to depict what Branson will look like in 50 or 100 years.
99. Enter a float in the Adoration Parade – remembering Christmas 100 years ago in Branson.
100. Have your family read 100 historical books (collectively) in 2012 – record the titles and share on your website/Facebook

Add your own ideas, share them with friends, family, co-workers and fellow Branson-lovers, and then…